As a freshman am I eligible to live in CMRC?
CMRC is designed for upperclassmen and graduate students. There are cases where freshman students are eligible based on the lack of availability in traditional housing. Some freshman students in the university honors program are provided housing in CMRC.


Although I will utilize my apartment kitchen is there a meal plan associated with CMRC?
The CMRC 7 is the mandatory meal plan for all CMRC residents. The cost of the plan is subject to change based on university fees but ranges from $1071-$1121. Students interested in a larger meal plan should visit the Bowie Card office to increase their meal plan.


What types of activities can I look forward to in CMRC?
The residence life staff of CMRC offers exciting, informational and creative programs and activities for residents. Often resident assistants will seek the input of the residents on their floor for programming ideas. Take the time to participate in these activities as they enhance your overall college experience.


What are the specific rules and regulations of CMRC?
Please take the time to review the rules and regulations for CMRC, residents are expected to follow these governing regulations to ensure the safety and security of all community members.


What do I need to fill out in order to have complete CMRC housing applications?
To be considered for housing in CMRC we must receive a completed online housing application, signed license agreement, parental guarantor form and financial aid form.


What is a parental guarantor form?
A completed and verified parental guarantor form must be submitted by all prospective residents. The parental guarantor is similar to a co-signer; he/she assists the student with managing the financial obligations for CMRC. Although usually a parent, the form may be completed by any adult who is at least 21 years old and who will guarantee the student will uphold the financial commitments of the License Agreement. This person will be notified of past due balances and other important information as it relates to the resident’s account.


How much does it cost to live in CMRC and how often are the payments?

  • 2018-2019 Rates
  • $4,635 per semester – 3 & 4 bedroom shared
  • $5,410 per semester – 3 bedroom private (based on availability)
  • Full payment is due prior to the start of each semester. Students can use financial to pay for housing and meal plan charges.


What is the contract cancellation policy?
The contract cancellation policy is outlined in the license agreement. Read the contract thoroughly before signing, students are held to contract policies.